I was talking today to my youngest daughter, Lauren, and I shared with her that I wasn’t sure I would keep on blogging. You kind of lay yourself out there when you blog, I said, and you don’t know that anyone is reading your stuff anyway.

Sure, there are stats saying someone visited, but it’s possible they only visited for two seconds and left. I know this because I’ve done it myself, even to my friends.

Or, worse, your friends could be bored, or making fun of you and what you wrote. I haven’t done that, even to my friends.

So it’s a vulnerable feeling, blogging, and I’m just not sure I want to pursue it, I said. Besides, I’m not sure I have anything worthwhile to say. I am afloat right now, through with my career at the newspaper, casting around to find Act 2.

Lauren first filmed this haybale in Mississippi, then gave it a hug.

“You need to keep doing it, Mom,” Lauren said. “And you need to watch ‘Julie & Julia’ again.”

Lauren is my cinema buddy, a person who can convince me to watch 25 episodes of “Lost” in one spring break week. While we do not always communicate perfectly, we have had long summertime conversations about film. She’s studying in LA at Azusa Pacific University to become a filmmaker.

Cut to tonight. Henry and I are hunting for entertainment and decide to try the new Netflix on-demand feature via our Wii. We flip through the available movies, and there it is — “Julie & Julia.”

I’m telling you this not because I intend to cook 500+ recipes in 365 days while blogging about it, as Julie did. But she was a bit lost in her life, and she felt Julia had saved her. I think she’s right, but a little differently: I chalk it up to God.

God can use anything to get His point across — my wise daughters, a movie, a French cookbook. Frequently, I believe He’s sharing a smile with me as I realize He’s done it again.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Casey says:

    You just shared a smile with me. Thanks.


    1. mguerard says:

      Glad to oblige, and glad to hear from you!


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