Vladimir and the troll

It’s been a while since I added to my list of Giant Balls of Twine — those spots that turn a mere vacation into the trip of a lifetime. It’s not that these are views of unspeakable beauty from exotic locales like Fiji, but they’re the visits that generate
sweet memories that dot the landscape of a life like daisies.

Mount Rainier dwarfs the Seattle skyline.

In and around Seattle, there are many beautiful views that make a vacation there worthwhile — check out Mount Rainier.

The San Juan Islands are mysterious and gorgeous, too.

But this isn’t that kind of travelogue. Here are a couple of Giant Balls of Twine that made the trip precious.

Funky Fremont

In the Fremont section of Seattle there’s a bridge. Under the Aurora Avenue bridge lives an 18-foot-tall troll, sculpted for the Fremont Arts Council.

The Fremont Troll

(Arts Councils, by the way, are the folks who make a neighborhood into an enchanting home. We should each say thank you to them.)

You can only see the troll       if you get off the
beaten path enough to
dwell with him under the
bridge for a spell. He has a hubcap for an eye, and he’s crushing a VW bug.

Come play.

Come out and play

Once you’re there, the troll tends to invite you out to play. It’s a magical effect and well worth a visit.

Lenin loves gelato

Not that far away, also in Fremont, is a street corner graced with a larger-than-life statue of Vladimir Lenin — yes, that Lenin.

When the Communist bloc bit the dust, this statue ended up in a Czechoslavakian dump.

Seattle’s Lenin

A Seattle resident
apparently happened upon
it during a European
vacation of dumpster
diving, and brought it home at great expense.

Funky Fremont obliged and
erected the statue
in front of what is
now a gelato joint. Lenin seems determined in his admiration of the cool stuff.

A seaplane passes by Fremont’s resident rocket.

Seaplanes and spaceships

It’s up the street from still another Giant Ball of Twine, a rocket ship incorporated into a building.

You gotta love a town like this one.

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