Hunting for a political solution, missing the Kingdom

Here’s where I stand, politically speaking. I’m sharing this because I have been sad a lot lately at what I’ve seen posted by my friends on social media.

I worship God, three in one. One of the three came down to earth for a while, Jesus Christ. He ended up getting crucified, put to an awful humiliating death, by his very own followers, as well as the leaders of his religion and by political leaders of the day who thought he was dangerous. He was killed, at least in part, because He didn’t provide the political solution people were hoping for in that time. Crowds had thronged around him, listening to him challenge the hardened hearts of religious leaders who had lost their love for people and for God, and who were instead focused on bettering themselves. Some people were aghast and others marveled as he lifted hardened sinners – sinners like me – out of the muck and told them to take a different path. Ultimately, though, many in the crowds were disappointed by him. Despite his clearly miraculous power, he didn’t try to overthrow their political oppressors. Instead, he wanted to conquer the oppressor that was killing their souls. Something about this was absolutely infuriating.

Jesus didn’t speak about making Israel great again, but instead explained about a kingdom to come, a kingdom whose greatness did not depend on any political leader or solution, a kingdom that is here within us and very near us, and yet is not here in full, not yet. And here’s the thing: While everyone around him was whipped into an absolute political frenzy, literally screaming in hatred at one another and at him, he stood in silence and took it. He did this willingly, not because he was weak in any way, but because he was the very source of strength. After his death, when all hope was lost for those who wanted a political hero, he rose again. In well-documented occurrences, he appeared to scores of people to encourage them. He had conquered death, he had forgiven them, and he asked them to love and serve one another.

Elections are important. It’s important to try to build a country where people are treated with dignity. But when we exalt either political party or any political leader at the expense of other people, when we lose our own dignity in the process because we are busy demeaning the other side, we’ve lost sight of the fact that the Kingdom of God is at hand, and it’s the only kingdom that matters.

I’ve seen friends attacked because of their beliefs, friends stinging from being called godless because of their beliefs.

Please remember, Someone died for your sins. Try to love others as He loved you. And try to remember, even this nation you and I love so much is nothing but filthy rags when compared to His glory.

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