What price beauty?

I’m hoping that very soon journalists across this nation will realize they need to set common-sense subscription rates for their material, even if it’s in electronic form. The Sports Illustrated app for the iPad is remarkable.
But surely there’s a reasonable subscription rate that falls somewhere between the $39 annual fee for the print version and $259 for a weekly iPad subscription. What is information worth to you?

Vladimir and the troll

It’s been a while since I added to my list of Giant Balls of Twine — those spots that turn a mere vacation into the trip of a lifetime. It’s not that these are views of unspeakable beauty from exotic locales like Fiji, but they’re the visits that generate sweet memories that dot the landscape of…

Remarkable, simple days

God has a way of answering the big questions … Ask Him what you should do now, and He will more than likely come up with a list.


I was talking today to my youngest daughter, Lauren, and I shared with her that I wasn’t sure I would keep on blogging. You kind of lay yourself out there when you blog, I said, and you don’t know that anyone is reading your stuff anyway. Sure, there are stats saying someone visited, but it’s…

Rebuilding the walls

I’m grateful to my God, who recognizes when a lowly servant needs lifting up. It’s time to rebuild, in a way that will honor Him.